Guess Who Got An Internship?

by joesloanie

This guy!

Yep that’s right. I now have a desk, a phone, and a private office with a big window. I’m not getting paid in the monetary sense just yet but I have a feeling that what I’m going to learn about public relations over the next 15 weeks is probably worth more than what they generally pay interns nowadays anyway.

Did I mention that I’m interning with an actual PR firm?


Well I am, Martopia Public Relations Group to be exact. Martopia or MPRG for short.

I was driving home this afternoon after my second full day interning and decided that how this all came about might make a good first PR blog post. So here’s the story of how I got my first internship:

I was bartending recently for Fabulous Food Catering or as we like to call it- Fab, a company I occasionally work for while finishing my degree. I got the job a few years back because my little brother’s then-girlfriend’s aunt owns the company while her brother, who’s also a good buddy of mine is a cook there. Small world right?

Anyway, I was bartending this event a month or so ago because Fab has the WCC in-house catering contract and while pouring drinks was chatting with those in attendance. Occasionally my studies would arise as the topic of conversation and I never hesitate to demonstrate my interest and enthusiasm regarding the PR field when given the opportunity.

One of these conversations, unbeknownst to me at the time was with a woman named Susan Ferraro. Susan just so happens to not only be a Senior Account Executive at Martopia, but “a past president of the Detroit chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA Detroit)” among so much more. You can see her biography here.

Well by the end of the evening I had her business card and she had the promise of a future email from me.

The next day I sent her a friendly email and shortly thereafter we made plans to meet at her office for an informational interview. I did my research and prepared as best I could (Thank you CTAC-357 Interviewing as Communication!) then sent her my résumé and a few writing samples. We met and had a wonderful conversation. She told me about Martopia, gave me all sorts of information about PR, and critiqued my documents. I listened well, spoke confidently, and asked her a bunch of questions I had thought up beforehand.

Not long after the interview I sent a follow-up email to thank her for the opportunity. I received a response from her informing me that they now had an opening for an intern and I was welcome to apply. Needless to say I was totally stoked!

We set up a time for me to come in to be interviewed for the internship. I met with Tausha Moore, Director of Agency Operations for Martopia which was a very pleasant experience, and left feeling positive and anxious about the potential to move forward.

I quickly sent a thank-you email to both Susan and Tausha and was elated when I got the response asking for additional references. I replied with the contact info of three people who know me well both personally and professionally and nervously waited to hear back.

I followed up once more a few days later while on vacation in Arizona and hoped for the best. I flew home from Phoenix on Tuesday, September 3rd, the day before classes start. I got in around midnight and promptly hit the sack.

I woke up the next day to a voicemail from Susan asking that I give her a ring. I called her back and she told me that I got the internship! Needless to say, it was a good day.

I’m two days in and learning by the minute. This semester is going to be tough but I heard somewhere that good things don’t come easy.

Wish me luck.