Which blogging techniques get my motor runnin’?

by joesloanie

What makes a good blog? Well if you’re asking me, a good blog is made up of a few things.

First off, it can’t be fake. I think I’m pretty perceptive and if I get the sense that the person writing the blog isn’t invested in what they’re writing about then I’m gonna be hitting that little X on the top of my screen.

Ya gotta have a voice. Don’t focus too much on grammar and overly technical wording. I want you to write to me like we would talk after two drinks.

I’d say that lastly, for me at least, you have to be positive. I don’t want to hear about how the world sucks, what’s wrong with this or that, or how your bff did that thing that pissed you off. Not to say there isn’t a place for all that, but I’m not gonna be reading it.

Just my thoughts. Enjoy the week y’all.