Can social media be a full time job?

by joesloanie

I sure hope so because I friggin’ love it.

I wouldn’t call myself an expert in social media just yet (key word: yet), but then again who can really say something like that? I’m aware that some people are way ahead of the curve in terms of the vast wealth of social media knowledge they possess, but we’re talking about being an “expert” in Facebook, a master Tweeter, or a humorously eloquent  blogger, not to mention knowing this-and-that about all the other emerging and changing social media platforms. Keep in mind that’s not a complete list.

This is just a tad different than being a doctor or an accountant or something more respectable like  “Professor of Thermodynamics” or some other lofty-sounding title. I may be highly proficient in “#StraightFlexin” on Instagram,” but it just doesn’t have the same ring to it.


Actually, scratch that. I AM an expert.


Maybe not to a person like Brian Solis but hey gimme a break, I’m working on it. I guess what I’m saying is that while I might not be an expert when compared to the likes of Solis, if you ask my dad I’m a freaking computer genius! In fact, I even write a blog about social media. BAM, expert.

Perspective is everything.

I think that one of the most important ways to get considered an expert in social media is pretty straightforward: You have to use social media well. When people check you out online they should finish the experience thinking “Wow, they really have a handle on all of this social media stuff.” When people talk to you about social media, what do you have to say about it? Is it insightful? Is it interesting? Is it helpful? These are all good questions to ask yourself. Social media questions come up in job interviews all the time nowadays.

When online, don’t just post. Strategize. Think. Listen. Consider as many different perspectives that exist out there in the virtual world as you can. Think about what is likely best for the people you communicate with on the internet just as much (if not more) as you do for yourself.

You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. If you’re a downer online, change that REAL quick. It feels nice to vent, yes. But the whole world is seeing this stuff and nobody likes a party pooper. I strongly recommend finding a healthy outlet for anger, depression, frustration, angst, sadness, and the like but trust me, if you ever want to have someone look at you as a social media pro/expert/amazingmagicalgenius, don’t post all that stuff about your personal life online.

There are so many other ways you can portray yourself as an expert on social media but if I wrote everything I know in one post, no one would read to the end.

A few parting tips:

Be kind, it goes farther than you think.

Be honest because nobody likes a liar.

Be helpful. It pays off.

Learn as much as you can.

Explore and be creative.

And most of all, have fun! people can usually tell when you are enjoying yourself and personally speaking, I want to be around fun people, both online and off.

Social media is a great big brilliant and expansive communication playground, open for anyone to become an expert in. Your learning starts here.

Enjoy the week everyone! Here’s some awesome for ya: