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Month: July, 2014

Bald Tires, Movie Stars, and Volunteerism

So here I sit at the tire shop getting new front tires for the ride. Noticed the belt peeking through the rubber a few days ago, I guess that means it’s time.

Other than scary tires, things are really, really good! The internship is going exceedingly well. The staff at Jane Owen PR are getting to know me and I really feel like I’m fitting in. Somehow I seem to have found a potentially great match for who I am and what I do right off the bat. Knock on wood and all, but so far California hasn’t failed to exceed my expectations in every way imaginable (including how expensive everything is out here, lol).

So, what else is new? Well, I was in a movie

A friend of mine, Ashley Eberbach, lives in Los Angeles and just so happens to be a spectacular photographer and award winning filmmaker. Do yourself a favor and click her name right there above ‘n check out the awesome! Being the good Mid-westerner that I am I got in touch with her shortly after I arrived in LA. She came up to my grandparents’ house in Topanga where I’m staying, walked in the front door and said “I want this in my movie!” while referring to the seven foot diameter California Live Oak tree that grows through the living room.

The living room where I'm staying, featuring Sloan's Oak. So thankful for this place.

The living room where I’m staying, featuring Sloan’s Oak. So thankful for this place.

I was like “Let’s do it!” The plan was in motion.

Before making any commitment with Ashley I wisely consulted my Aunt Mirm. We discussed the idea and she sent me a filming contract and questions about insurance, etc. Long-story-short, on a Saturday morning several weeks ago there was a crew of 20+ people, the “Lights, camera, action!”-type people filming a movie in my grandparents’ beautiful home. And they even brought coffee. Score!


Oh yea also, Ashley gave me a short speaking role with a friggin’ close-up in her film. Not bad for being in California for less than two months, huh? For never having acted in my life, I think I did well.

So in other news, the beach is nice. Pretty sure that’s a constant around these parts.

Lastly (for the moment), I got the opportunity to volunteer at the annual Topanga Film Festival last week. It was a really positive experience and showed me that while I love Ann Arbor dearly, what I love most is the warm sense of community and the synergy that comes with people acting positively as a group.

Many great things can only be accomplished this way.

Hope everyone is doing well! Thank you all for the love and support!



WP_20140701_16_41_08_Pro (1)

I just finished week two of my internship a few days ago, arriving about 10 minutes early every morning.

Punctuality is fairly important to me.

If you say you’re going to be somewhere at a certain time, be there. I understand that car accidents happen, babies are born, and emergencies occur but I’m pretty sure that’s not what’s causing the majority of people to be late. I think that most of the time, tardiness is simply the result of laziness, disorganization, and a diminished understanding of professional behavior. Getting to a party a half-hour late is one thing, but in the professional world I have little tolerance for that kind of behavior and find it fairly disrespectful.

Everyone gets a mulligan of course, but that’s beside the point.

So, last weekend was pretty awesome. On Sunday I decided to have a few friends up to the pad in Topanga for an afternoon of grilling and relaxing. People are busy out here. Like, everybody. I’ll admit I was nervous that people would cancel or get lost or what-have-you.

That was not an issue.

My friend and former Ace-Deucer Brian Robinson showed up right on time around 3 o’clock. With him was his buddy John Boonin who also transplanted from The Deuce a few years ago. Brian is a computer genius for a living and John is an up-and-coming actor, both all-around cool dudes. My neighbor Vinda found her way over shortly thereafter so I made the introductions and we sat and talked for a while.

Very appreciative to be from here. Photo courtesy of

Very appreciative to be from here. Photo courtesy of

I’d also invited my friend Kolin Bernard (another Ann-Arborite who lives here), and he invited his buddy Mike Lynch (ALSO from Ann Arbor) and wife Krissie as well as their close friend Sara. They’d been visiting Malibu earlier in the day and brought their friend whose beach they were visiting, actor and film producer Cristo Dimassis, up to Topanga with them as well as fellow producer Kamron Saraye and friend Conor Sutton.

The networking was glorious.

I couldn’t have asked for a more positive, intelligent, and enjoyable group of people to spend an afternoon in Topanga with. Everyone was happy, friendly, and genuine. Of course there were the obligatory, slightly awkward “Hello, my name is _____”’s, but within a few beers we were all good friends. I’ll be the first to acknowledge that alcohol maintains a continuous potential to be a highly detrimental concoction, but with the right people and circumstances, its reputation of being an effective social lubricant holds true.

The shindig was very enjoyable for me and if my intuition is as on-point as I believe it to be, everyone else had as fabulous a time as I.

Anyway, in addition to having a really fun weekend, I had some cool weekday stuff happen as well. While settling into my internship over the past week I’ve been continuously impressed with the work environment at Jane Owen PR. All throughout the day people are smiling, laughing, and joking with one another. Don’t get me wrong, these people WORK. Efficiency, motivation, enthusiasm, organization. I’m seeing perfect examples of these qualities every day. It also doesn’t hurt that everyone there seems cool as F.

Did some hard labor at Balinese art importing company Jalan Jalan Imports on Wednesday which resulted in me getting the opportunity to hang out with Mike Campbell, lead guitarist for Tom Petty. So cool! Nice guy. Friendly, unassuming, and all-around normal.

This whole “California thing” seems to be working out really well so far. I’m staying enthusiastic, motivated, and dedicated to achieving what I came out here to do, and if what’s happened up till now is any indication, I’m gonna be alright.
I do miss my Michigan people, I’m occasionally a tad lonely, and things aren’t perfect but perfection is not the goal. Success (as defined by inner-happiness and personal satisfaction) is, and I’m on my way.

Thank you all for the love and support. I wouldn’t be here otherwise.

Talk soon.