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As if simply living in the Santa Monica Mountains all summer wasn’t good enough, starting last week I’ve been interning at Jane Owen Public Relations, “a boutique PR and Event Planning firm located in Los Angeles, California, with Satellite offices in New York and London.” Soooooo stoked! The story behind how I got it is a pretty good one too.

My new commute

My new commute


So, I arrived in paradise and got settled (read: cleaned house and relaxed for a week or so).

I like to think I’m a kind and positive person, and I guess it shows because within a few days I’d met like six of my neighbors, more than my aunt knows and she’s lived in L.A. her entire life. The woman who lives directly behind me, Vinda, is exceptionally friendly and chill. Within a few short conversations I knew she was going to be a wonderful neighbor and she knew I was attempting to get into public relations. “You know, one of my friends owns a PR firm in Beverly Hills,” she said. “I’ll see if you can get in touch with her.”

A few texts later I had Jane Owen’s email address.

I composed a well thought out message explaining who I was, my aspirations while in California, and my interest in meeting with her. I clicked send and the next day began communicating with the Jane Owen Public Relations Office Manager. I sent her some samples of my work and within a few emails we hammered out a time and date for me to come to the JOPR offices. With a meeting set, I pounded the air with my fist then drove to the beach.

The beach

The beach

The other beach

The other beach

Fast forward a week or so and I found myself driving to Beverly Hills wearing a new suit and a big smile. Arriving at the JOPR offices I walked inside, unsure of how things would progress.

I’ve only been there a week but I can already tell that while many of the fundamentals of public relations remain the same, it’s very different from my previous internship. High paced is an understatement. The clients are much different than, say, a Community College or a non-profit street newspaper.

However, I think that I’m doing well. While I’m definitely still getting into the swing of it in terms of how things are done here and what’s expected of me, the reception has been very warm. The office seems very well integrated in terms of communication and teamwork. Synergy is a fun thing to watch occur.

Well, that’s where I’m at. I’ve been doing my best and I hope that my work is of the caliber necessary to succeed out here. I’m very excited to be doing real public relations work in a place where the opportunity for upward movement in my career is so very present. Now I just need to find a menial weekend job so I can afford to keep trying.

I’ll keep you posted,




Into The Wild Blue Yonder I go!

I woke up this morning and looked out the window like I always do. However, instead of the usual tree-lined Ann Arbor I’m so accustomed to seeing, today I find myself peering out over Chicago and Lake Michigan.

Let me back up for a moment.

So, I graduated from Eastern Michigan University this spring with a degree in PR and have come up with what I think is a glorious idea.

This past Saturday I packed up all my worldly belongings, stuffed what I could in my Saab, and set off on a cross-country trip in search of a challenging and fulfilling career in the world of public relations, with stop #1 being Chicago.

Before I left, I hopped on Facebook and searched for friends and family who live in the places I have chosen to visit during my trip. I sent messages to everyone I know along the route, telling them of my plan and asking for help finding shelter while their city. This worked really, really well. As of now I have a place to stay in almost every city I will be visiting on my way from Ann Arbor to Topanga Canyon, CA.

So, back to Chicago.

I had a wonderful time visiting my cousin Rocky this past weekend. Rocky has lived in Chicago for several years while working for Trunk Club, a company that uses personal stylists to deck their clients out in fashionable, high-end clothing. He graciously opened his home to me, a very nice apartment on the 9th floor of a building that overlooks downtown Chicago and Lake Michigan.

Rocky's place in Chicago

Rocky’s place in Chicago

Saturday night we went out for dinner and drinks and let me tell you, Chicago is a blast! So there I am in some random bar in Chicago and within about a half-hour I notice someone who looks really familiar. I take a closer look and sure enough, it was Elliot Bancel. I’ve known this guy for YEARS! Smiles and hugs quickly followed. What a small world, I love it!

Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field

On Sunday, Rocky and I hit the town to see the sights. I saw the big silver jelly bean, the huge fountain from the intro of the T.V. Show Married With Children, Wrigley Field, The Magnificent Mile, and tons of other fun Chicago stuff. My hamstrings are killing me. In the evening I met up with my wonderful and beautiful friend Sarah Marlow who just recently moved here. Sarah, Rocky, and I went to the roof to relax for awhile, then Sarah and I went out and got pizza at a quaint little place, the name of which I forget.

The Jelly Bean Thing

The Jelly Bean Thing

Well, it’s time to head off. My next stop was going to be Kansas City, but in discussing my route with Sarah last night I decided on a more straight-shot west, passing through Omaha on my way to Denver.

Thanks to Rocky, Sarah, and the city of Chicago, my trip has started off wonderfully. On to the next one.