Social Media Policies

This will serve as a statement of my expectations for those who visit my blogs and various other social media accounts.

Those who do not comply will most likely be given a warning first telling them to discontinue posting the kind of content that led to the warning, and then banned if the warning is not heeded and the posts that have been deemed inappropriate continue.

These requirements are as follows:

1. Keep the cussing to a minimum.

2. Bullying and intimidation is unacceptable. If you are deemed to be a bully you will be banned.

3. I expect everyone who visits my site to maintain a certain level of respect for others. Debate is welcomed and encouraged, but do not make personal attacks against others.

4. Any content that myself or others deem as offensive, derogatory, racist, sexist, or otherwise unethical will be reviewed and then potentially removed on a case by case basis.

5. I welcome the free interaction and distribution of information on my website so my advice to you is keep it positive, keep it relatively clean, and share your opinions. I expect the best from everyone and will most likely give you a chance before removing content or banning anyone.